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Removing fungus

Our company provide fungus removing service

Ways that fungus spreads:

Spores are the most common way of ordinary fungi spreading. In the case of a greater amount of spores, it is possible to distinguish a reddish brown spore dust. Since spores are very small and individually invisible to the naked eye, the wind, animals, birds and even people carry them over long distances easily.

With the help of mycelium, fungus can spread within a building. Mycelium can also pass through cracks in stone and masonry walls. Moving components covered with mycelium can carry the dry rot from one place to another to a suitable place for spore germination. When moving a fruiting body from one building or part of a building to another, the spreading of dry rot to other structures is possible.

Not everyone is aware of how harmful mould is to human health. A wet or a damp spot favours the formation of mould. It may be said that almost every building material absorbs humidity. Mould is capable of breaking concrete, brick, wood, etc. To eradicate the problem, we need proper technical knowledge. Plumbing accidents (flooding) and water accumulated after extinguishing a fire are especially dangerous. We help you to avoid those inconveniences.


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