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Container Removal and unloading costs including the landfill fee

Container capacity m3Container rent per dayTransportation fee outside the city limitsConstruction and demolition wasteMixed waste
 13 m3 4 1km/1euro 145.00 160.00
 15 m3 4 1km/1euro 177.00 192.00
 20 m3 4 1km/1euro 210.00 225.00



*Prices do not include VAT + 20%

Our prices include delivery and unloading costs. 1 km from the city border shall be added. 1 euro x 4 (delivery and unloading)

Each additional day: 4 EUR. Pre-sorted construction waste is one of the following types of waste:

1) brick waste;

2) concrete debris (pieces up to 60 cm);

3) soil;

4) asphalt;

5) timber;

6) cardboard and paper.

Mixed Construction waste is timber, metal, concrete, bricks, gypsum, wool and other construction waste arising from construction, renovation and repair projects which shall not be used as construction material at the construction site. In the event the mixed construction waste exceeds 3 tonnes, regardless of the container capacity we shall add 45 EUR/ per tonne to the price. It is prohibited to add the following items to the construction and mixed construction waste containers:

1) car tyres;

2) fridges and washing machines;

3) electrical and electronic waste;

4) asbestos cement sheets;

5) hazardous waste;

6) liquid waste.

Depending on the type of waste, it must be collected in the corresponding containers and disposed of separately.

Transportation services1 hour25.0030.00
Filler sand1 tonne3.604.32
Construction sand1 tonne4.605.52
High quality sifted landscape topsoil1 m36.507.80
Unscreened soil1 m34.004.80
Landfills1 m33.003.60
Crushed stone (fraction granular size 4/8)1 tonne11.2513.50
Crushed stone (fraction granular size 4/16)1 tonne11.2513.50
Crushed stone (fraction granular size 8/16)1 tonne11.2513.50
Crushed stone (fraction granular size 16/32)1 tonne11.2513.50
Crushed stone (fraction granular size 32/64)1 tonne11.2513.50


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