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Disinfection of ventilation systems

The washing, cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems is carried out using special and modern equipment.

Tools used:
will ensure good microflora and thorough cleaning of the ventilation systems from grease, and antiseptic treatment,
will ensure the elimination of nosocomial infections.


When is this needed?

Cleanliness of the ventilation system and air conditioning will ensure a good microclimate in apartment and office buildings, but in industrial buildings however, it is simply essential to ensure safety (both for the quality of work, as well as fire safety).

What happens if you do not do this?

Pathological microflora growth in residential and office buildings will lead to an overall decline in work ability, being unwell, and staff illness.

How do we do it?

We select just the right tools for your house and rooms, which allow the best possible cleaning of ventilation systems and air conditioning of any dirt. To achieve the set task, we use the most modern tools and technology.

The result of our work:

  • clean, safe and functioning ventilation system
  • your good mood
  • certificate of completed works

Think about your health and safety. PLC Windair will start the campaign “Terve Maja". Ventilation systems accumulate dust and grease when operating, which prevent clean air flow in the building. The layers of accumulated dust and grease create good conditions for ticks, fungi and other harmful micro-organisms to grow and spread. Occasionally, harmful micro-organisms can drop from the ventilation systems and get among people. Infections and diseases such as allergies, the flu and many others can easily move from a sick person to a healthy person through the ventilation.


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