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Cleaning of prefab ventilation

The new and modern technique and equipment that Windair uses, allows cleaning of prefab ventilation to be done thoroughly.

We are all striving towards a healthy lifestyle, trying to avoid spaces where smoking occurs, spending a lot of money on sport, but we never think about what we breathe in spaces where there is no smoking and where it seems to us that everything is fine. But let us assume that in this room, ventilation cleaning has never been carried out before; then what? For example, apartment ventilation where many harmful substances accumulate over time and which in turn, give rise to the birth of many harmful bacteria. These bacteria are very harmful to health indeed and can damage the micro-climate of the apartment. Usually, people are convinced that their apartment has good air and most of us have never thought about the fact that the ventilation should be cleaned. If cleaning of the ventilation in the house has never been carried out, this can create favourable conditions for the emergence of mould in the apartment, which is directly harmful to human health and its removal is much more difficult and costly than cleaning the ventilation.

Here it’s not right to use the service of a chimney sweeper. It’s certainly a lot cheaper to call the chimney sweeper, but there is no guarantee that the job will be done with all the bacteria, mould and other harmful substances eliminated! Unfortunately, with the conventional tools of a chimney sweeper, it is not possible to thoroughly clean the ventilation of all the dirt, grease and etc. The new and modern technique and equipment that Windair uses, allows all the work to be done thoroughly. In addition to cleaning the ducts of waste such as paper, residues of building material, stones, it can even be cleaned of birds that are trapped there. Windair PLC will install a protective grate so that it won’t happen again. This type of pollution is very dangerous because it could cause a fire and be detrimental to the air flowing through the whole building.

Think about your health and safety. PLC Windair will start the campaign “Terve Maja". Ventilation systems accumulate dust and grease when operating, which prevent clean air flow in the building. The layers of accumulated dust and grease create good conditions for ticks, fungi and other harmful micro-organisms to grow and spread. Occasionally, harmful micro-organisms can drop from the ventilation systems and get among people. Infections and diseases such as allergies, the flu and many others can easily move from a sick person to a healthy person through the ventilation.


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