• Lastekodu 48, Tallinn, 10144
  • Tel: +(372) 607 0193
  • E-mail: hooldus@windair.ee


Maintenance service

We offer maintenance services

*Keeping of the residential maintenance book
*Maintenance of water supply systems
*Maintenance of sewer systems
*Maintenance of heating equipment and thermal knots, except local boiler houses
*Maintenance of ventilation pipes
*Maintenance of electrical systems (including electric lamp replacement)
*Maintenance of rainwater drainage systems
*Maintenance of general building constructions

WindAir PLC was founded in 2006. Over time, the servicing of consumers has grown bigger and bigger, leading to the establishment of the WindAir maintenance department. This department has been created to serve businesses, apartment associations, private persons and companies.


Company: Windair OÜ
Reg.nr: 11228226
Address: Lastekodu 48,
Tallinn, Eesti, 10144
Tel .: +(372) 607 0193
Manger.: 550 0016
Admin. manager .: 5819 0041
Accountant.: 607 0193
Support 24h mob..: 5822 4263
Support 24h.: 635 7752
E-mail: hooldus@windair.ee
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