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* Minimal price for a visit is a one hour fee

  • In Tallinn the transportation is free of charge 22:00-8:00.
  • Prices that are not shown in the price list shall be drawn up on the basis of the estimate.
  • With private clients the payments shall be settled in cash.

Services (basic rate)Price / 1t. including
VAT 20%
Emergency repairs of technological systems37.00 €/h
Electrical works37.00 €/h
Heating system cleaning (water)40.00 €/h
Heat exchanger cleaning (chemical)45.00 €/h
Water flow meter control (1 pc.)22.00 €/pcs
Water flow meter control (min. 10 pc.)9.50 €/pcs
Sewer blockage liquidation42.00 €/h
Washing of in-house sewage systems (Kärcher)55.00 €/h
Removal of faeces (one load of up to 5m3)55.00 €/h
Sewer pipe video study55.00 €/h
Frozen pipes thawing55.00 €/h
Usage of water and heating systems refrigeration techniques where water foreclosure is impossible45.00 €/h
Electrical and Plumbing works outside of Tallinn (transport cost to and from)0.55 €/h
Construction works35.00 €/h
Pressurisation of water pipelines in buildings45.00 €/h
Heat meter verification102.00 €/h
High pressure water jetting of wet wells and pipelines75.00 €/h
Fat separator cleaningab:150.00 €/h

Working time step of 10 min. after the first hour
Last Updated 23.12.2017

WINDAIR PLC offers its customers the entire spectrum of services, thereat constantly supplementing itself. In their work, locksmith-plumber technicians use certified components and materials. This guarantees high quality. Every person comes into contact with plumbing works in their life. Of course, you can do it by yourself, but by doing this you risk flooding your apartment, neighbours, etc. But, when it comes to large-scale work and a professional result is what you desire, our locksmith-plumber technicians are the right choice. Our company masters will resolve all problems quickly and qualitatively, at home or in the office, at a time suitable for you. A plumber can be called out to your home 24/7.


Company: Windair OÜ
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Tallinn, Eesti, 10144
Tel .: +(372) 635 7752
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Fax.: +(372) 607 0193
E-mail: info@windair.ee
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