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Heating system powerflushing

We offer heating system washing method

This heating system washing method will help you to reduce heating costs by 10 to 35%
Pipeline washing using pneumatic-hydraulic technology

Outdated central heating systems in residential and public buildings work poorly, which causes major problems to the inhabitants. Some problems can be solved by employing progressive, environmentally friendly technologies and special devices. We offer a widely used technology that provides a perfect result in cleaning central heating and sewage systems in the buildings: blockages, corrosion and other residues throughout the year without the need to disassemble the system, use a cleaning wire or relevant chemical products.

This is what lime and rust deposits look like in the radiator

The technology is based on short-term (fraction of a second) pneumatic-hydraulic impulses generated by a special device (kinetic water ram) with a blow pressure directed to the contaminated pipe. The pressure impact can be adjusted from 0 to 12 at, with an energy spreading (wave) velocity of 1500 m/s. This energy is sufficient to pass through the clogs, etc., and completely clean the pipes. Piping bends and angles are not an obstacle to the spread of the hydraulic impact.

This method allows pipes with a diameter of 10 cm to be cleaned even if the blockage is located 60 metres away from the kinetic hydraulic cylinder with the pipeline system connection point.
This method enables pipelines to be put into working order when other methods fail.

The biggest problem is with old, decaying, highly congested pipelines, since only 2% of the total impulse output will mechanically reach the pipe walls and 98% the water column.
This method has the following advantages:

The efficiency of heating devices increases by 25 to 60%.
The lifetime of a heating system increases by 25 to 50%.
System maintenance costs decrease, consequently the savings funds increase.
Costs as compared to capital repairs costs decrease by 5 to 7 times.
A heat distribution medium makes water circulation more intense.

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