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The importance of ventilation cleaning

Ventilation cleaning must be done regularly.

Since the ventilation system accumulates all kinds of bacteria, grease and dirt, cleaning it is extremely important. Also, it accumulates a variety of micro-organisms which are invisible and can harm people in the building. Ventilation systems that have not undergone cleaning, increase the fire risk. Accumulated dust and dirt is highly-flammable and because the air in the ventilation system flows freely, the fire can spread very quickly throughout the building.

Ventilation cleaning must be done regularly. Mechanical cleaning is the most effective. By using this method, the grease and dust will be completely removed from the surface of the ventilation system, using modern technology. In their work, Windair PLC uses the most modern technology. Our equipment is manufactured by leading Finnish and German manufacturers, who have great experience in the maintenance of ventilation and conditioning systems. Our professionals are experienced employees, who along with using a novel technique, will ensure the customer’s well-being.

Think about your health and safety. PLC Windair will start the campaign “Terve Maja". Ventilation systems accumulate dust and grease when operating, which prevent clean air flow in the building. The layers of accumulated dust and grease create good conditions for ticks, fungi and other harmful micro-organisms to grow and spread. Occasionally, harmful micro-organisms can drop from the ventilation systems and get among people. Infections and diseases such as allergies, the flu and many others can easily move from a sick person to a healthy person through the ventilation.


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